A downloadable game for Windows

Push rocks to reach vines and evolve.

*This game is in development.

Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys

Throw rock: Space, S, or Down Arrow Key

Undo: Z

Reset puzzle: R

Quit: Escape

This is a WIP demo and a build for testing. Everything will likely change moving forward, but the core mechanics are in place. The game saves after each puzzle, so you can quit and return w/o losing any progress. The game currently closes after completing all puzzles.

If you run into a bug, try undoing a move or resetting the puzzle. The game saves after climbing a vine, so you can quit and come back whenever! Again, this project is in development.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome in the comments, and follow me on Twitter for updates.


escapiens - 0.1.13.zip 15 MB

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